Current Labor Rates
**Prices below are for labor only. Additional costs for parts, if needed**

Initial consultation, estimate, or diagnosis (30 minutes max) – FREE


$55.00 - $105.00

General Troubleshooting
Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to diagnose a problem, but you will be contacted before we proceed!
Data Transfer
Need files copied, transferred, or backed up? Drive cloning may also be available, depending on your device configuration.
Software Installation
Antivirus Software, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe Suite, etc.
Hardware Upgrades or Replacement
Wi-Fi cards, graphics cards, RAM upgrades, power supplies and spare hard drives.

$105.00 - $210.00

Operating System Recovery and Troubleshooting
Includes factory reset/restore, OS updates/upgrades, and driver installations.
Virus and Malware Removal
Clean up malicious software or bloatware that is degrading your machine’s performance.
Hardware Upgrades or Replacement
Includes motherboards, primary hard drives, and peripherals.
Laptop Internal Hardware Replacement
Includes screens, DC jacks, batteries and keyboards.

Specialized Repairs or Onsite Services $105.00 per hour

Specialized Repairs or Onsite Services $105.00 per hour
Including but not limited to – New Machine Builds, Network Design & Installation, Wi-Fi Network Configuration, Onsite Repairs, Systems Troubleshooting

Are you the owner of an agriculture-based business (farm management,
animal/crop production, or provide services)?
Contact our office 814-876-5800 or email us at
FarmIT@blackhooftech.com for special rates and discounts!